Calturas Capital is a private equity firm building long-term success for its clients while navigating developed & emerging markets across the globe.



About Calturas Capital


Calturas Capital was founded in 2019 as a way to provide unique, growth-oriented opportunities from around the world - targeting alternative investments to produce superior risk-adjusted returns to clients and investors. Through building strategic partnerships and always searching for new trends & opportunities in the marketplace, NCA has focused its efforts on the hospitality, gaming, and spirits sectors.

Calturas approaches each opportunity with a diverse background with specialties in business operations, real estate acquisition & development, and wealth management. As advisors, each transaction & interaction demands a client-centered approach to produce thoughtful solutions in order to provide long-term success.



Capital Sourcing

  • Fund Structure & Raising

  • Investor Qualifications

  • Meeting Arrangements

Fund Hosting

  • Investment Fund Management

  • Regulatory Action & Compliance

  • Accounting & Administration

Investment Advisory

  • Business Strategy & Positioning

  • Industry & Sector Research

  • Risk Management


Executive Team


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Xavier Santana  |  CEO

Xavier Santana is a founding partner and serves as Chief Executive Officer to Calturas Capital. With industry expertise and an extensive network across multiple industries, Mr. Santana matches key investors with clients in order to secure long-term success for all parties. Mr. Santana brings a 20-year career in the real estate industry as Co-founder & Managing Corporate Director of Northgate Commercial Real Estate while building successful, long-standing relationships with investors, business owners, and corporations throughout the United States. Prior to Northgate, Mr. Santana served as Vice President at CBRE in California where he oversaw the sale of institutional assets throughout different market climates while yielding substantial returns for clients. Mr. Santana received a degree in Business from California State University.

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Boyd Woodard  |  President, COO, CFO

Boyd Woodard brings a wide range of experience in U.S. and foreign-based Industrial Operations & Management - primarily in electronics and medical device industries - into his role as Chief Operating Officer, President, and Founding Partner of Calturas Capital. Mr. Woodard offers a high level of standards in regards to compliance, risk management, and quality assurance of each transaction. Mr. Woodard also has an extensive entrepreneurial background in retail business development and has overseen investment opportunities in the agriculture and commercial real estate sectors. Mr. Woodard holds an MBA from University of California, Irvine and an Master of Science in Industrial and Technical Studies from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


Jon Fulton  |  Vice President

Jon Fulton brings over 16 years of real estate, wealth management, and investment banking expertise into his role of Vice President and Founding Partner at Calturas Capital. Mr. Fulton works closely with an expansive network of clientele to the find the right opportunity that will yield both short-term & long-term success of their investment portfolio. Prior to Calturas, Mr. Fulton has led a successful career as Vice President and Private Banker at Wells Fargo in Southern California - sourcing and structuring capital for his high net worth and institutional investors. Mr. Fulton received a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego.